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Melania Trump White House Christmas Decorations Meme

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Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decor Become Memes | Time Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations Gave the Internet the Most Wonderful Memes of the Yea Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations refers to an image of a hallway in the White House as decorated by Melania Trump for the Christmas season that many jo Oh, goodie, Christmas is coming early for the internet, thanks to Melania’s disturbing White House decorations. FLOTUS said in a statement, “The President, Barron First Lady Melania Trump revealed the Christmas decorations for her family’s first holiday season in the White House — and she went all out First Lady Melania Trump stuns in white during the White House Christmas decorations reveal. See the holiday photos! First lady Melania Trump on Monday unveiled the White House Christmas decorations whose theme reflects 200 years of holiday traditions at the White House. “The .

WASHINGTON — The White House is ready for Christmas. Melania Trump unveiled the holiday decorations at the White House on Monday and posted a video of the First Lady Melania Trump Unveils Christmas at the White House 2017. The First Family will celebrate their first Christmas in the White House with a nod to Melania Trump will soon be unveiling the annual holiday decorations at the White House, which will be highlighted by a full Nativity scene depicting the birth of First Lady Melania Trump celebrated 200 years of Christmas traditions at the White House with decorations. .